His Imperial Majesty Emperor Nicholas Pavlovich

Birth: Wednesday June 25, 1796 July 6, 1796 at 3¾ a.m. in Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo. Father: His Imperial Highness the Heir to the All-the-Russias Throne the Pious Lord Caesarevich and Grand Duke Paul Petrovich. Mother: Her Imperial Highness the Pious Lady Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna.
Christening: Sunday July 6, 1796 July 17, 1796 in Grand Palace Church, Tsarskoye Selo, by the Confessor of Her Majesty Savva Isaev. Godparents: Their Imperial Highnesses Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich and Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna.
Grand Duke: Sunday July 6, 1796 July 17, 1796 was granted the title Grand Duke with the style of Imperial Highness.
Betrothal: Monday June 25, 1817 July 7, 1817 in the Grand Court Cathedral Church, Winter Palace, St. Petersburg to Her Royal Highness the Pious Princess Alexandra Feodorovna of Prussia.
Marriage: Friday July 1, 1817 July 13, 1817 in St. Petersburg. Bride: Her Imperial Highness the Pious Lady Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna.
Heir: Thursday August 16, 1823 August 28, 1823 after His Brother's renunciation became Heir Presumptive to the Throne.
Accession: Thursday November 19, 1825 December 1, 1825 succeeded Emperor Alexander I.
Saturday December 12, 1825 December 24, 1825 proclaimed His Accession after Caesarevich Constantine Pavlovich confirmed renunciation.
Coronation: Sunday August 22, 1826 September 3, 1826 in Moscow.
Sunday May 12, 1829 May 24, 1829 in Warsaw.
Death: Friday February 18, 1855 March 2, 1855 at 11:50 a.m. (or at 0:20 p.m.?) in His Cabinet Room, Winter Palace, St. Petersburg.
Burial: Saturday March 5, 1855 March 17, 1855 in St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg.


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