His Imperial Highness Caesarevich and Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich

Birth: Saturday April 27, 1779 May 8, 1779 at 8:40 a.m. in the apartments of Their Imperial Highnesses in Grand Palace, Tsarskoye Selo. Father: His Imperial Highness the Heir to the All-the-Russias Throne the Pious Lord Caesarevich and Grand Duke Paul Petrovich. Mother: Her Imperial Highness the Pious Lady Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna.
Christening: Sunday May 5, 1779 May 16, 1779 at 11½ a.m. in Tsarskoye Selo Palace Church, by the Confessor of Her Imperial Majesty, Member of Saintest Governing Synode archpriest of Moscow Annunciation Cathedral John Ioannovich Panfilov.
Grand Duke: Sunday May 5, 1779 May 16, 1779 was granted the title Grand Duke with the style of Imperial Highness.
Betrothal: Sunday February 3, 1796 February 14, 1796 in Winter Palace Church, St. Petersburg to Her Serene Highness the Pious Princess Anna Feodorovna of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Marriage: Friday February 15, 1796 February 26, 1796 in St. Petersburg. Bride: Her Imperial Highness the Pious Lady Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna.
Caesarevich: Friday October 28, 1799 November 8, 1799 was granted the title Caesarevich.
Heir: Tuesday March 12, 1801 March 24, 1801 after His Brother's Accession became Heir Presumptive to the Throne.
Divorce: Saturday March 20, 1820 April 1, 1820 marriage was dissolved by divorce.
Renunciation: Saturday January 14, 1822 January 26, 1822 in St. Petersburg renounced succession rights.
Thursday August 16, 1823 August 28, 1823 in Tsarskoye Selo renunciation was approved by Alexander I's Manifesto.
Thursday November 26, 1825 December 8, 1825 in Warsaw confirmed renunciation.
Saturday December 12, 1825 December 24, 1825 in St. Petersburg renunciation was approved by Nicholas I's Manifesto.
Death: Monday June 15, 1831 June 27, 1831 at 7¼ p.m. in Vitebsk.
Funeral:       in Vitebsk.
Burial: Monday August 17, 1831 August 29, 1831 in St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg.


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