His Imperial Highness Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich

Birth: Monday May 26, 1869 June 7, 1869 at 2½ a.m. in The Blue Boudoir, Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo. Father: His Imperial Highness the Pious Lord Caesarevich and Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich. Mother: Her Imperial Highness the Pious Lady Caesarevna and Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna.
Grand Duke: Monday May 26, 1869 June 7, 1869 was granted the title Grand Duke with the style of Imperial Highness.
Christening: Monday June 9, 1869 June 21, 1869 at 10½ a.m. in Grand Palace Church, Tsarskoye Selo, by the Confessor of Their Imperial Majesties.
  • His Majesty the Lord Emperor Alexander Nikolayevich (paternal grandfather)
  • His Majesty the King Christian IX of Denmark (maternal grandfather)
  • Her Imperial Highness the Lady Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna (paternal aunt)
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales (maternal aunt)
  • Death: Monday April 20, 1870 May 2, 1870 in St. Petersburg.
    Burial: Wednesday April 22, 1870 May 4, 1870 in St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg.


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